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Admittedly, there are many aspects to marketing that a business can lose itself in. We focus both on what a customer can and cannot see. Social media, behind-the-scenes SEO, and reviews are many of the aspects that business owners don’t have time for. These aspects will help your business to shine, so set us loose and we’ll begin the polishing to bring out your best.

Authoritative Content

Are you the best at what you do? Are you making it known? A website is not simply a place where customers come to click your phone number, it is the main source of trust-building that you control. Let’s show everyone that you know your business!

trust flow

Aside from the content you put on your website, a clear winning strategy is to have other websites link to your website. Through the use of backlinking, anchor texts, and more, promote your relevance to search engines.

5-star reviews

Do you have a plan to improve your reviews? Are you looking for a quick and easy solution? Don’t. Let us help you develop a review campaign to get you organic, white-hat reviews that improve your online image.

gmb optimization

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google Maps, do it now. It’s not hard and will increase your relevance for your local niche in your city. Want to make the most of your GMB? We can help you optimize to appear in the map pack.

Social media marketing

We can help you stay active on social media which plays a major part in keeping your customers engaged. A business needs to focus on the their excellent products or services, not social media. Let us help!

on-page seo

So your website looks really nice and you couldn’t be more proud, but is it signaling to the search engines what you hope it is? Header tags, titles, meta data, and keyword usage are all important considerations. Be sure to use them correctly!

  1. Nearly all small businesses advertise (87%).
  2. Small businesses advertise on a variety of mediums, but social media (64%) and online (49%) are the most popular.
  3. Small businesses still advertise on traditional mediums: print (36%), TV (22%), and radio (22%).
  4. Millennial-owned or -managed small businesses (95%) are more likely to advertise than those owned or managed by Generation Xers (92%) or baby boomers (70%).
The State of Small Business Advertising

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