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Is SEO An Exact Science?

The simple answer is NO. Each search engine (FB, YT, Bing, Google, etc) determines your relevance slightly different which means there is no one formula that makes you “win”. This is a good thing because those who would seek to manipulate the formula are far less likely to ruin the user experience. This allows the good, relevant content to float to the top.

How Does SEO Help Me?

Search Engine Optimization is about signaling to the search engines that you are worth showing to those who search on their platform. Remember, the search engines also want to provide a great user experience so the companies that do the best work to provide that experience, will be rewarded by moving higher in the results.

Next to word-of-mouth referrals, your next strongest marketing tool uses the internet. There are many avenues to consider though… FB, Google Ads, SEO, Google Maps to name a few. But to say none of them are useful is purely false. To say any of them are the golden ticket is also false. But to say a combination of various internet strategies will help to expand your business is absolutely true.

How Does The SEO Process Work?

The process is quite complex but we look at two major factors: quality content and “votes” from other sources. These alone are around 50% of what you need to start ranking. We review your standing in regards to these two factors and begin developing a strategy to address them. The other 50% goes into details that are far more technical. We deal with those as well and will keep you informed as we tread through them.

But This Really Horrible Site Is Outranking Me!

Yes, this is entirely possible. But “horrible” is subjective. Maybe that site has excellent content. Maybe they have some serious “votes” coming from other websites. Whatever it is, it is worth a look to see if you can surpass it.

How Long Does The SEO Process Take?

This is NOT an overnight process. You can see results in days but moreso you will see results in months. Exactly how many months? This again reflects that SEO is not and exact science.

We generally approach your business with the long game in mind. We help implement organic strategies that take time to grow. Building organically decreases your dependence on paid traffic and sets you as an authority in your industry. If competition is thick, our methods can take up to a year. But we find that even strong competition has holes in their strategy, and we’re more than happy to help you gain some of that market share.

Do I Still Need A Website In 2020 And Beyond?

We help make websites, of course we would say YES. But the truth is, not all circumstances are created equal. To win in some cases, all you need is social media marketing or a free google business site, but in all cases, we recommend you build an asset for your company that allows you to control the user experience and increases your authority in your niche. You never know when your competition figures out what they need to do to start taking your market share away. Win in all cases.

The classic example here is that Subway or McDonalds are not just on street corners. They are also in stores and attached to gas stations. In your case, your website may not be the high traffic street corner, but at least you won’t miss the traffic that stops in at the gas station.

How Much Does Good SEO Cost?

There is no ability to put a fixed dollar amount on “good” SEO. It depends on so many factors that price can only be generalized. The best way to think about it is this:

SEO is your marketing department. It should be moving you forward to get in front of more eyeballs every month.

Another simple fact is that your assets should be permanently improving. Some SEO companies will come in put on a fresh coat of paint, only to strip it away when the contract is up.

We leave our paint in place.

Can You Guarantee My Growth?

Invest enough time and money and you will grow your business. That is the brutal honest truth. But even that is a half-truth, because market disruptions have taken down businesses throughout history, no matter how well planned or executed. With this in mind, we encourage businesses to act sooner than later. To get ahead of the downturns, so they can keep their heads above water. A good marketing strategy is like a boat. It may not save you when the worst storm hits, but it sure is better than swimming the whole time.

Are You Another Fly-By-Night Lead Generator?

Not at all. Although we are small, we find that the demand for such a service is overwhelming. We partner with some of the most successful in the nation (millions in revenue, thousands of happy customers) and we intend to mold those strategies to work for small local businesses. We want to see the local community thrive.

Lead generation is a head-ache and I'm always sharing them with everyone else. How are you different?

We understand the frustration of many lead generation services. They work, but they are not exclusive and in no way support your organic rise to fame. When you work with our lead generation service, leads are yours and yours alone. Either you close them, or they hope back on the internet and look for the next company. Our strategies help ensure you stand among the very few to get that first call.

My budget doesn't allow for a full-fledged strategy, can you still help me?

Yes. One of our core beliefs is to help small businesses thrive thereby helping the community thrive. If you can’t afford the level of service you want, let’s talk and at least make a plan to get you on a path of growth. We will work on a sliding scale with certain prerequisites. Don’t let cost stop you from moving forward with plans for the future.

I've Seen Better Sites, Can I Trust You?

We understand first impressions matter, but if you’re reading this Easter egg, you should really be asking how did they hook me in and why am I reading all of their FAQ? Either you’re studying us because we are competition, or we did something right to get you here and keep you engaged. We will use that same mojo for you. A shiny new car is great, but it’s what is under the hood that counts.